The Pacific Northwest possesses a remarkable variety of landscapes, demographics, economic drivers and needs.  



Some law firms center their practice on a single specialty. Others say they have a wide range of services, but spread a few employees across several practice areas.



For more than 100 years our attorneys have been practicing law in Central Washington, and we continue to build on the experience of our forebears every day.



The Coronavirus Pandemic
These are uncommon times for us all. The Coronavirus Pandemic has caused tremendous economic disruption and a global health crisis. As part of the critical legal services industry supporting our agricultural food supply chain, Halverson Northwest Law... Read More »

A Financial Boost for Sophomore Year at U Penn
As you may know, Halverson Northwest sponsors a scholarship to students through the Washington Apple Education Foundation (WAEF). The scholarship is focused on students who have an interest in the legal field. This year we were pleased this ... Read More »

Supreme Court Unanimously Upholds Client’s Property Rights in Boundary Dispute
Linda Sellers of Halverson Northwest Law Group gained a satisfying victory for our client-and landowners in general-with the recent, unanimous ruling of the Washington State Supreme Court in Garcia v. Henley.
It was the classic case of someone ... Read More »

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