Areas of Practice

Government & Public Sector

Halverson Northwest has a long history of providing services to governmental entities both as general and special counsel.  From serving as affordable contract city attorneys to small cities and towns, to contracting with municipal entities on a per-project or per-issue basis, we are well equipped to counsel local government and special use districts on ever-changing legal issues.  

Our office regularly provides services to cities, counties, school districts, housing authorities, irrigation districts, sewer districts, port districts, and other municipal and quasi-municipal entities.  We have experience in reviewing, drafting and applying municipal ordinances, resolutions and procedures; conducting and handling administrative hearings including subsequent litigation and appeals; negotiating and drafting interlocal agreements; managing and responding to public records requests; drafting and advising with respect to contracts, leases and property acquisitions; and handle all litigation. 

 We view ourselves as your adjunct legal department, and you get the benefit of the years of experience in a wide variety of areas of law of all of our attorneys when you choose our services.  We respect our municipal clients’ elected and appointed officials and staff provide them the support and guidance they need when analyzing their goals and concerns.  We can help negotiate and draft intergovernmental agreements, help municipalities work with tribal governments, provide manuals and training to department heads on issues such as the public records acts and open public meetings act, and help with the day-to-day issues that arise in municipal government.  Whatever legal issues arise for your entity, the lawyers at Halverson Northwest are here to provide you the advice and legal help you need.