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A Complex Job for Sunnyside School Board

A Complex Job for Sunnyside School Board
November 03, 2014

The current school year is in full swing, and Tuesday, November 4th, marks the voting deadline for the latest Sunnyside School Levy proposal. According to Steve Winfree, attorney at Halverson Northwest Law Group and member of the Sunnyside School District Board of Directors, the District has maintained a consistent levy rate over the last 30 years or so, helping to ensure predictable costs and consistent investment in the academic underpinnings that fuel local agricultural and industrial development.

Were the levy to meet with voter approval it would be the third lowest levy rate in the county, ahead of only Mabton and Mount Adams. It would certainly seem that Sunnyside is getting a good value for the money and effectively leveraging Washington State’s levy equalization money and capital improvement participation funds.

The Board of Directors’ role is to determine the school district’s needs and oversee its financial viability in light of their business acumen, board experience and community perspective, all while maintaining focus on the Sunnyside School District’s guiding vision, “All students will be successful.” Success in this case reflects the positive impact that sports programs can have on a student’s learning performance, school attendance and desire for academic success.

As Steve has said before, “Everything we do must be done for the benefit and success of the students.”

Regular Sunnyside School District Board meetings take place the last Thursday of each month at 7:30pm in the Denny Blaine Boardroom at 810 E Custer Ave. See the school’s Office of the Superintendent for a full schedule. 

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