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Marital Dissolution & Legal Separation

Ending a marital relationship is an emotional and often complex process.  When a husband and wife cannot resolve their differences decisions must be made concerning child custody, child support, visitation, alimony and the division of property and liabilities. Two of the most common court actions are Dissolution of Marriage (f/n/a Divorce) and Legal Separation. Dissolution of Marriage terminates the marriage under law, and divides a couple's assets and liabilities.  It is applicable when both the husband and wife agree to the division of assets and responsibilities.  Legal separation deals with all of the above issues, but the couple remains married.  Determining which solution is best for you depends on different circumstances for each couple. 

At Halverson Northwest, our family practice attorneys are experienced in helping clients determine and execute the process that best serves their legal needs.  We offer legal assistance in the following areas of Marital Dissolution and Legal Separation: