Areas of Practice

Federal, State & Local Taxation

Halverson Northwest has advised both business and individual clients on virtually every aspect of federal, state and local taxation.  We have counseled clients on a variety of sophisticated tax matters for corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, cooperatives, tax exempt organizations and individual clients.  We recognize the significance of tax issues, but do so with a belief that taxes are only one of many factors in sound business planning. 

Federal, state and local tax legislation rapidly change.  Halverson Northwest places a high priority on monitoring proposed tax changes and implementing tax planning in the context of an integrated real estate or business transaction.  Particular areas of experience include tax issues associated with real estate transactions, corporate acquisitions and reorganizations, entity formation and operation (corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies) and estate planning. 

Transactional Practice: Acquisitions, Sales and Mergers

Halverson Northwest has extensive experience in tax planning for transactions including acquisitions, sales and mergers.  Our attorneys provide tax planning to corporations (and other taxable entities), pass-thru entities and individuals.  This planning ranges from complex corporate mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations, redemptions, recapitalizations and debt financings, to planning appropriate business structures for start-up and closely-held entities.  Transactional tax planning includes issues of both federal and state tax laws.  State law considerations include sales tax, use tax, business and occupation tax, property tax (including open space), and real estate excise tax. 

 Real Estate Taxation

The ownership, transfer and use of real estate can present many federal, state and local tax issues.  Federal tax considerations include entity structure, allocation and distribution provisions, like-kind exchanges under IRC Section 1031, and property characterization and depreciation issues.  Real property tax issues are significant in terms of valuation, open space (including removal from open space) and excise taxes on transfers.  We work with property owners in order to address these complex issues. 

 State & Local Tax

State and local taxes are becoming increasingly complex and significant in business and real estate matters.  Halverson Northwest is experienced in addressing issues related to sales, use, business and occupation, and property taxes.  Real estate transactions are further impacted by the real estate excise tax.  Our experience has included counseling and advocacy with respect to these taxes during both the planning and dispute resolution processes.  Our attorneys also handle administrative and judicial appeals on state and local tax assessments and claims. 

Nonprofit (Tax-Exempt) Organizations

We regularly advise tax-exempt organizations.  Representation includes advice with respect to structure and operation of the ventures, real estate and asset acquisition, and tax compliance and resolution.