Areas of Practice

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution is a process by which parties can settle disputes with the help of a third party.  Alternative dispute resolution is an alternative to litigation and has three primary benefits to the parties – it is faster, less expensive, and brings closure to the legal process.  In Washington, alternative dispute resolution most often takes two forms – arbitration and mediation. 


Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution, where a third party, either agreed to by the litigants or appointed by the court, reviews the evidence in a case and imposes a decision that is legally binding and enforceable.  Arbitration often allows clients to resolve disputes more quickly and efficiently than by going to court.  Instead of judges or juries, arbitrators decide if wrongdoing occurred and how to correct or compensate for it.  Arbitration is most often used for resolution of personal injury claims and commercial disputes, as well as employment matters.  The arbitration process may be mandated by court rules and statute, required by terms of a contract, or agreed to by the parties.

At Halverson Northwest, our arbitration lawyers have conducted hundreds of arbitrations, both as litigants and neutrals in claims involving agriculture, construction, commercial disputes and personal injury.


Mediation is a popular form of alternative dispute resolution.  It provides the parties with a vehicle to resolve their differences without going to court and at a much lower cost.  Mediations are quick, usually being scheduled within a few weeks or months from the time of the request, private, and confidential.  Mediation is particularly valuable when disputes involve parties that may need to remain on good terms, including family members, co-workers, business partners, landlords and tenants, neighbors, and others.

At Halverson Northwest, we act as neutral, third-party attorney mediators to help individuals and businesses resolve civil disputes without the time, expense, uncertainty and emotional strain of protracted litigation.  We facilitate divorce and family mediation, as well as business, commercial and personal injury mediation.