Areas of Practice

Condemnation & Eminent Domain

Halverson Northwest has extensive experience on condemnation, eminent domain, inverse condemnation and taking proceedings.  Through its litigation, municipal, land use and real estate disciplines, Halverson Northwest has developed the resources to manage any property acquisition or condemnation proceeding.  We have successfully represented both property owners and municipal clients in acquisition projects.  Our representation includes evaluation of public use and necessity, negotiation of just compensation and damages, assessment of immediate use and possession, and litigation of just compensation and damages (if necessary).

In today’s world, governmental regulation and action can also give rise to claims of inverse condemnation and constitutional takings.  Halverson Northwest has successfully prosecuted “takings” where property rights were eliminated or restricted through regulation or failure to issue the land use permits, as well as flooding, noise and access from governmental projects or actions.  Litigation has also included challenges to regulator exactions and requirements that violate constitutional protections of property rights and interests.